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Santiago’s Remodeling & Handyman Services, Inc. has served as a residential remodeling company in Hayward, CA and the Bay Area for 20+ years. Our mission is to keep improving our craftsmanship, and deliver the best service following the values of respect, punctuality, quality, honesty & communication.

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In the words of our owner: “I always tell my remodeling crew to strive in completing every job in a perfect way. Doing so, we’ll gain a satisfied client, my employees will earn more & my business reputation will grow.”

Thus, we continue improving the quality of our craftsmanship, remain punctual, friendly & respectful with our clients. Also, we complete every project being detail-oriented to guarantee refined, functional & custom remodeling results.

We set high standards when it comes to our remodeling solutions. So, if you hire us as your home remodeler in Hayward, CA, we’ll go the extra mile for you. Get in contact with us for a free consultation.

Remodeling Company in Campbell, CA
Bathroom Remodeling: Functionality, Aesthetics & Safety

Call the Best Kitchen Remodeler in Hayward, CA

We tackle every kitchen renovation project with a careful & innovative kitchen interior design. This includes the perfect planning and building of every work zone in your kitchen like the food preparation, the cooking, the serving, the eating and living & the cleaning zone.

To guarantee a luxurious look, we use materials of supreme quality, and we combine that with our exceptional craftsmanship.

As a dependable kitchen remodeler, I always respect my client’s point of view and do as they wish. But as an expert, I love to give my clients options for the sake of improving the project quality. So, if you allow me, I can respectfully share my point of view to help you build something you’ll love. In the end, my mission is to make your dream kitchen come true.

Get Our Bathroom Renovation Services for a Refined Touch

We understand that three intrinsic aspects of a bathroom remodeling & renovation project are functionality, aesthetics & safety.

Functionality comes first in our bathroom design. We make sure your everyday needs are covered. Also, we add useful storage space (cabinets & shelving), a bathroom vanity, mirrors, and among other bathroom essentials.

In the aesthetics part, we make sure our bathroom design is all beautiful and refined.

Renovating your bathroom is ideal for installing safety features such as grab bars for your loved ones who need it and do slip-resistant tile installation.

Call us to give you a free consultation on your bathroom renovation project.

Exterior Remodeling that Brings Appeal & Security

Thanks to our constant learning, training & 18+ years of experience as an exterior renovation contractor in Hayward, CA, we guarantee you to revamp the look, quality & security of your house.

After you get our exterior house remodeling service: your house will look splendid without breaking the bank; the quality of our material & craftsmanship will be outstanding; and our remodeling results will always enhance your house security.

Some of the many affordable home improvement projects include:

  • Installing new siding
  • Replacing your garage doors
  • Adding decorative lighting
  • Using a fresh coat of paint
  • Installing a new front door and so much more!
Exterior Remodeling that Brings Appeal & Security