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Santiago’s Remodeling & Handyman Services, Inc., is an experienced remodeling contractor in Sunnyvale, CA. For 18+ years, we’ve completed projects that include full house remodeling, kitchen, bathroom & exterior remodeling. We guarantee you supreme craftsmanship while staying within budget.

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House Remodeling: Revamp the Look, Quality & Security

Over the years, your house has gradually lost its charm and your family needs have changed. Fortunately, you can trust us as your remodeling company in Sunnyvale, CA.

Thanks to our constant learning, training & 18+ years of experience as a remodeling contractor, we guarantee you to revamp the look, quality & security of your house.

After you get our full house remodeling: your house will look splendid without breaking the bank; the quality of our material & craftsmanship will be outstanding; and our remodeling results will always enhance your house security & comfort.

We can modernize and transform your house style to perfectly satisfy your family’s exclusive needs.

Whether you need interior remodeling or exterior remodeling, you can contact us today. We’ll give you a free quote, and we guarantee you to transform your home just as you’ve dreamt of!

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Installation of grab bars in a bathroom remodeling job in Sunnyvale, CA

Enhance Your Safety with Our Bathroom Remodeling in Sunnyvale, CA

Having an old bathroom not only looks bad, it can also be a potential safety hazard. If your bathroom has cracked tiles, uneven floors, and outdated fixtures, it definitely needs remodeling!

Fortunately, you can trust us as your remodeling company in Sunnyvale, CA.

Renovating your bathroom is ideal for installing safety features such as grab bars for your loved ones who need it and do slip-resistant tile installation.

Also, with our bathroom restoration service, you can maximize the space, add storage solutions, and add the newest toilets, showers, lighting, sinks, or any other innovative fixtures.

If your bathroom layout and design is outdated, you should consider remodeling and modernizing the style of your bathroom to make it more attractive, functional & enjoyable for you and your family.

Let our interior design experts guide you through this life changing remodeling project!

Get Our Modern Kitchen Remodeling in Sunnyvale, CA

The kitchen is the new living room! Basically, today’s kitchens are for much more than cooking. They now offer a living space where your friends and family can relax, chat, be entertained, and of course, eat😊! Kitchens are now larger, open to other living spaces, and equipped with cutting-edge appliances.

The kitchen has been long marketed as the heart of your house. And we can say it is true because the kitchen nourishes your family, and it will definitely strengthen your family ties thanks to endless chats with your loved ones while enjoying delicious food.

Now that you know why your kitchen is invaluable, we believe you should modernize its style to perfectly satisfy your family’s exclusive needs. Call Santiago’s Remodeling & Handyman Services, Inc. for a free quote on your kitchen remodeling!

Newly Remodeled Kitchen with White Walls and Gray Countertops
Installation of a white double front door in Sunnyvale, CA

Wow Your Neighbors with Our Exterior Remodeling Services!

There are many exterior home remodeling ideas you could take advantage of to enhance the curb appeal of your house.

Some of the remodeling ideas include:

  • Install new siding
  • Replace your garage doors
  • Add decorative lighting
  • Use a fresh coat of paint
  • Install a new front door and so much more!

With our exterior remodeling solutions, your house will be protected from moisture and the elements & its appearance will wow your neighbors.

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